The Road to Success: Tips for Planning Routes for Learner Drivers

Effective route planning for driving lessons is a crucial aspect of preparation that demands a comprehensive understanding of the local terrain and traffic patterns. It is essential to factor in any specific driving skills or procedures that the student is yet to practice. Neglecting this consideration can lead to disastrous consequences, as inexperienced drivers may … Read more

Dealing with difficult learner drivers

Being a driving instructor comes with its fair share of challenges, like dealing with those pupils who drive you up the wall (not literally!) and make you wonder if you should’ve taken up knitting instead. You know the ones – they’re uncooperative, impolite, and make you want to pull your hair out.

Change your career today: Become a driving instructor

A driving instructor career offers something that many jobs can’t – freedom, flexibility and the chance to truly change people’s lives.  With higher rewards than most 9-to-5 jobs and lucrative opportunities on offer for certified instructors, it’s no wonder these fantastic roles are in high demand! Becoming a driving instructor is more than just teaching … Read more